18-year-old Sweezal Furtado crowned as Miss Supermodel India 2022 – 2nd Runner Up

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Udupi-based Sweezal Furtado recently took the nation by storm after being crowned as Miss Supermodel India 2022 2nd Runner Up. The beauty pageant, organized by Star Entertainment Productions, was nothing short of an extravaganza, with the who’s who of the fashion industry in attendance at the glamorous event. The event was held at Leela Palace, New Delhi, and was judged by Mr. World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal, Miss World Asia 2nd Runner Up Suman Rao, and Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up 2020 Adline Castelino.

Over the years, the organizers of the event have built a reputation for aiming to shine a light on the next generation of leaders and role models in India. Sweezal Furtado, at the age of just 18, was one of the youngest participants and winners that the pageant has ever seen, making this a monumental moment for both, the organizers, as well as Sweezal herself.

Speaking on the glorious moment, Sweezal said – “It’s such a great feeling to be crowned as Miss Supermodel India 2nd Runner Up this year. All my life, I’ve always known that the fashion and glam industry is where I wanted to be. I worked hard, training and preparing myself in numerous ways to make sure I was the best version of myself by the time the stage was ready for me. So the feeling of being crowned as one of the winners of this year’s pageant is beyond words. I am ever grateful to my mother, father, and everyone else who supported me and believed in me, and I look forward to continuing making them proud in the years to come.”

Born and brought up as a native of Barkur, in the Udupi district of Karnataka, Sweezal studied at Mount Carmel PU College, Bengaluru all the while pursuing her training in fashion. At present, she is doing her Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurship at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. She has always had a keen interest in modeling and the fashion industry, ever since she was a little girl. She began her training at a very young age, and it was only a matter of time before she began competing. Filled with dedication, determination, and devotion, she braved forward to fulfilling her dreams. Her passion and curiosity to persevere helped her reach her ambition. In 2017, she was awarded the title – ‘South India’s Super model’ in the Little Prince and Princess kids category; ‘Miss Teen South India’ – the Finalist of Queen of Cosmos in 2021; and she was also one of the six winners of Ignite India Meraki Fashion Competition held in February 2021 in Bengaluru. She went on to be crowned as the ‘Fresh Face of Ignite India 2021’.

Speaking on Sweezal’s recent success, Savitha Furtado, her mother said “We could not be more proud of how much our daughter has been able to achieve at such a young age. Ever since she was a little girl, she has always had a love for fashion, dancing, and performing. And to see her on the big stage so early on in her career is such a gratifying moment for us as parents. We are overwhelmed by the love and support she has received, and we are sure this is just the start of our daughter’s journey in this industry.”

“Nobody has a crystal ball, but that doesn’t give you an excuse when it comes to the future,” Sweezal muses. “It is dedication, hard work, and passion that are a person’s guiding stones to success.” She also emphasized that every person should have an aim or goal in life and that they should start working towards it. It wouldn’t be easy but nevertheless, an effort should be made to learn new things. “Communication and confidence are the main keys to everything. Just believe in yourself and you’ll achieve your aim,” commented Sweezal while signing off.

To stay up to date with Sweezal Furtado, you may visit: www.instagram.com/sweezx./

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