Anindgita Dasgupta’s brainchild web series “kuch kuch film jaisi” coming soon

Anindgita Dasgupta's brainchild web series "kuch kuch film jaisi" coming soon
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The trailer for the upcoming web series Kuch Kuch Film Jaisi is out recently! It appears to be promising, with an initial reach of more than a 200 thousand viewers in a matter of a few days. Some may say that the trailer is bit unconventional with its 7min 41 seconds length. To explain this and have an open discussion, share many interesting trivia on this project we have with us, the Producer Writer Director of this project Ms. Anindgita Dasgupta.

This web series has 14 episodes covering content of 4.5 hours. A tight storyline with unexpected twists in the tale that will interest the audience to enjoy this web series.

It’s all about how the presentation is made, if the thought process put in the making is exciting, the audience will love it. However, if the making is not good then even a small presentation can become a drag.

Anindgita Dasgupta's brainchild web series kuch kuch film jaisi coming soon

On the matter of the Title of a Bengali web-series carrying a Hindi title she explains, if Bengali web series can have Hindi songs or characters or even storylines then why not a title?

She clarifies: “From childhood days Mr. Shahrukh Khan – The veteran Bollywood actor is her idol and his timeless blockbuster Kuch Kuch Hota Hai has been an inspiration for her to come to the entertainment industry. So, this title is a tribute to Mr. Khan’s contribution to the Indian entertainment industry.”

However, she reveals another reason for this title. For that you need to watch the entire series as the reason is hidden deep within the storyline that is revealed with a surprise.

This brings us to the subject of this web series. Regarding subject Anindgita says that, subject is not a subject for this web series, I have made this web series in a realistic way, In 4.5 hrs. a person in real life cannot just think on one subject, a lot of topics pass through the mind, so in 4.5 hrs. why should be there only one thought/subject throughout in a web series? That will not be realistic. So, in a realistic way of making she put a lot of issues in this series, It is not a collection of short stories which is a popular trend nowadays, but a bunch of issues carefully handled in one storyline.

Human conscious mind, subconscious mind, his domination, immature dark energy, narcissist nature, competition, ego, rape, medicine, class differences, selfish, self-centered competitive players nature all are subject in this series. But isn’t it too much? some may find it puzzling; we inquire.

She says that the human mind is still a puzzle and is creative too. It is with human intellect that everything man made is created in this World. They create house, produce food, build vehicles and eventually, they created problems in their own lives and others lives too and they can provide some solutions to these problems also.

So, Anindgita says, I think all people are creative, and a creative person has a complex mind and read my mind too.

Next, we asked, is there are any chance that your story gets copied?

Anindgita says, “if someone can copy my story and make profit out of that then it is their talent, she believes copying is an art, but everybody not an artist, it’s another thing that if artist can’t able to copy director’s thought he/she will not be successful as artist.  Someone creates a film, and some copy them and creates problem for all. It’s okay, all are creative.”

On the status of the release, Anindgita says that the postproduction work is ongoing, it will soon release in India and abroad on OTT platform.

With that we end of our chat with Anindgita Dasgupta wishing her the very best for her project and hope for a successful response from the audience.

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