Chikuhh: A Most Popular Verified Artist Hits Big Around The Music Industry

Chikuhh: A Most Popular Verified Artist Hits Big Around The Music Industry
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Chikuhh Is an independent verified Musical artist of India with strong social media presence. His Real Name is Aryan Raj But He Fondly known as ” chikuhh ” And famous from this name at every social media platforms. Chikuhh is verified as artist from this name also. Chikuhh claimed to have intricate knowledge of social media hacks,community and algorithms on these modern and vibrant essential useful digital platforms.

Chikuhh is born on 3rd march 2005 and brought up in the Sitamarhi district of bihar. social media platforms always remained his passion, So Chikuhh decided to make a career in this field. Chikuhh says he has proficiency in Music,Fashion modeling and social media promotion as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Chikuhh’s first Song ” Phir kabhi lofi ” Goes above 10k views on YouTube and then Chikuhh gets his start-up for becoming a artist in India. Chikuhh’s Next Song ” Thodi jagah lofi ” Goes above 1 lakh views and set a trend for many musicians. Chikuhh’s fans are gonna mad for his looks and cuteness. Chikuhh is not just a name it’s an inspiration to all of those guy’s who wants to make a brighter in digital marketing.

Chikuhh started the journey before 2 years then he himself wasn’t sure that he will gain this level of success. Coming from a humble background but his content is unique and popular. Chikuhh makes sure that his feeds show his expertise in the latest Music,photo and Digital technologies. Many local businesses and renowned brands are approaching him for collaboration and promotional purposes. In his leisure time, Chikuhh loves to Playing Cricket and read Books. In his personal life, Chikuhh says that he is a very Easy-Going And cool minded Boy.

Chikuhh is also verified on musical platforms and he gets verification badge which makes him notable and unique artist of India. Chikuhh gets verification badge at Spotify, jio saavn, Boomplay, musixmatch, resso etc. Other platforms. Chikuhh is also one of the most searchable artist In India so, he gets verification at his google knowledge panel. If anyone wants to contact or find his details then just go and search on google ” Chikuhh “.

His google knowledge panel:–

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