CoinFantasy is set to define a New Fantasy Trading Category

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Research in Fortune Business Insights states that the gaming market stood at USD 203.12 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 545.98 billion by 2028. Over two billion people play games in the world which represents 26% of the entire global population. India leads the growth curve with 34% having played P2E games, and 11% willing to play them in future, as reported by research published in Finder’s latest report on Global crypto gaming adoption.

The market is testing the stability of many projects in the crypto & blockchain space. While some projects are taking a toll, those with strong ideologies are sure to sustain this wave. One such project with an aim of taking Crypto to the masses & onboarding the next billions to the crypto space is CoinFantasy. CoinFantasy, the World’s First Decentralized Crypto Fantasy Trading Platform based on the Play-to-Earn model, is now live on the Avalanche subnet with its Beta version from June 29th 2022.

CoinFantasy stands strong with the support of over 50K+ Sign-ups. CoinFantasy is reaching and building a community where each individual believes in the potential of decentralized fantasy trading games. Decentralized games are built and operated fully or partially on blockchain technology. Blockchain is nothing but a decentralized, digitally distributed public ledger. This not only facilitates a fair gameplay outcome but also makes the creation, trading and ownership of in-game assets possible.

Beyond being the world’s first decentralized fantasy trading platform, what makes CoinFantasy stand out amongst its peers is the technology powering its platform and its no-loss gameplay. The developers at CoinFantasy have leveraged Avalanche integration to create revolutionary features to play the game. Not only is the game easy to play and fun, but it is without the risk of financial losses too. With the CoinFantasy game, all players can do is PLAY. LEARN & EARN.

The gameplay is structured in such a way that the users have a no-loss gaming experience. You will be given 100 free CF Tokens, with which you have to select a set of 7 crypto coins which you feel will perform better. If your portfolio performs better, you will top the leaderboard and win rewards as Coinfantasy Tokens. The best part is even if you lose, there’s nothing to worry about, your free credits are refilled every day, and you can continue playing different game pools daily

Furthermore, with fully scaled social platforms as concrete proof, the platform has built a thriving community where participants aren’t just there for the short-term gains but are supportive and engaging. The willingness to participate in the CoinFantasy ecosystem has positively rubbed off on the community. CoinFantasy is a game for everyone regardless of experience or income level. The CoinFantasy Telegram and Twitter community boast of 65K+ community members, a large percentage of which actively contribute ideas, publicity, and feedback to the project. With numerous things planned for the future, community members are really excited about where the project is heading.

Though the overall blockchain-related market condition is not very conducive for trading, there’s no doubt that CoinFantasy has launched at the right time. When faith in the market is less, CoinFantasy finally arrives with rays of hope on the horizon. CoinFantasy looks to become one of the globally-relevant companies with a vision to drive the financial inclusion of people. CoinFantasy steps closer to building a world where individuals can access extra passive rewards for time put into participating in the crypto market. Players interested in participating in the CoinFantasy ecosystem can visit Welcome to the Future!

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