Digital transformation company Appinventiv unlocks the hidden IT potential of enterprises

Digital transformation company Appinventiv unlocks the hidden IT potential of enterprises
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New Delhi, [India]: A Google certified digital transformation agency, Appinventiv receives the award for “App development company of the year” by Entrepreneur India as they record a turnover of over $ $14 million in FY 21. With a mission to make businesses around the world go digital by offering innovative and disruptive solutions, they procure new-age technologies including blockchain, IoT, AI, ML, AR, and VR.

In the course of 6 years, the dream is turning into reality as the firm has successfully achieved the digital transformation of about 1000 companies. The company is developing a slew of mobile apps and digital products equipped with the latest software solutions allowing the firms to transform their legacy operations in such a way that all work can be done smoothly on new-age technologies.

Conceptualized in 2015, Appinventiv stands with a motto of shaping technology into business solutions and revolutionising industries with next-gen technologies. The reins of the company were led by industry stalwart Saurabh Singh, who along with fellow directors Sudeep Srivastava, Prateek Saxena, Peeyush Singh, and Dileep Gupta, spearheaded the firm to achieve its aim of providing digital solutions to all be it businesses, governments, or social sector. It’s no surprise that within just 2 months after its inception, Appinventiv closed its first brand project with only 50 people on board at the time.

Over the last few years, as the company paddled to new heights with these latest technologies, it was Singh’s resolve that has guided and maneuvered the company. In his 16 years of outstanding journey, Singh has helped over 5000+ technology businesses in making their mobile strategies and leaving a mark in the tech industry. Singh has also created more than 5000 job opportunities for aspiring tech professionals of the nation.

While it may take decades for a company to become partners with the big brands, Appinventiv, on the back of its work culture, achieved the milestone in just 6 years. Appinventiv can proudly call itself a technology partner of some of the biggest brands globally like IKEA, Dominos, KPMG, ABP Live, Vodafone, Dominos, KFC, Oracle India, Asian bank, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, NASA.

What started with a one-room office in Noida, Appinventiv now calls a 4-story 70000 Sq Ft. corporate hub in Noida as its headquarters. The workforce too has grown to 650+ with the best talent in the relevant domains including certified developers, UI UX Designers, Quality Analysts, Creative Heads, certified developers.

As the company is growing at a fast pace, it is branching out to Lucknow, Dehradun, Indore & Chandigarh. Not only India, but Appinventiv has also marked its global extension and operations in countries like the USA, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand empowering & reshaping industries and transforming businesses to explore the digital-first benefits. The growth can be attributed to the innovative products, which the company is offering to clients across the world. As one of the world’s richest men, Elon Musk has rightly said that great companies are built on great products.

To further expand the product portfolio, Appinventiv has set up an innovation lab in-house which studies the new-gen technologies like gesture mechanism, neural network connections, IoT, and decentralization, etc. The R&D team is working on different use cases across sectors, which will help in creating some of the most immersive products using these new-generation technologies. With India’s mobile app economy burgeoning, the new-age technologies along with 5G, data analytics, cloud, automation will be the drivers for change and growth in businesses.

Unlike many other companies, which target a particular segment to grow, Appinventiv is servicing a gamut of customers including startups, SMBs, enterprises, and Fortune 500 businesses. To further expand and better its service offerings by improving efficiency, the company has chalked out two business units –one specifically reserved to provide services to startups while the other one will cater to big clients, including the Fortune 500 companies.

Appinventiv is not only digitally transforming companies, it is also providing a path and guidance to various startups which allow them to raise capital. From ideation to launch and post-launch support, the company makes sure to deliver competitive products. The mobile applications developed by Appinventiv for the startups have helped them in winning industry awards and recognition, along with millions in investment. So far, Appinventiv has helped 74% of all its startup clients secure millions in funding.

To further give a boost to the startup ecosystem, the company has recently launched an entrepreneurship campaign, which will help entrepreneurs in shaping their ideas into revenue-generating software solutions.

When most of the corporate bigwigs slashed salaries and reduced jobs during the pandemic, Appinventiv provided a free of cost health insurance policy of around Rs 2 to 4 lakh to each of the 650+ employees to boost their physical and financial freedom. Apart from that, in case of loss of life of an employee, the company will offer 50% of the deceased’s monthly salary to the family subject to a minimum of Rs 40,000 per month, for one year. Additionally, Rs 10,000 monthly for the education of school/college-going children for two years and mediclaim coverage to the family of the deceased for two years.

Like its resolve to transform businesses, the company has committed to providing a better life to its employees and their families. The company truly believes in the saying of Apple founder Steve Jobs that great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. In Appinventiv too, a great team of 650+ people led by industry stalwart Saurabh Singh is set to achieve new peaks in the digital world.

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