DJ Felix urges Artists and Musicians to stay Strong, Positive and united during this Time of Covid -19 Pandemic

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Mumbai : The World has come at a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our country has not remained aloof and was under a complete lockdown for months. As yet the situation has not stabilized and thousands of people across the country have lost their jobs particularly in Hospitality and Entertainment Industry. The worst affected is the event industry which is facing the worst phase as there is no question of any events happening during these times. DJ Felix, a well-known DJ from Kolkata, is trying to spread positivity through his social media platform during this difficult time.

DJ Felix has been promoting positivity through his incredible DJ routines by posting videos on his social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook and is trying his level best to pump in hope and strength for every artist and people out there. His videos have gone viral all over social media making it trending and worth the watch. People fond of music are enjoying this and the other artists and DJ’s get an opportunity to connect with the audience through the digital platforms.

The Covid pandemic has led to cancellations of events, public and private, both nationally and internationally, choking the lifeline of the industry. Numerous music events, including music festivals, concert tours, have been postponed or mostly cancelled. So it becomes all the more important for the artist to stand by each other in these times of difficulties.

DJ Felix said, “I believe there is always a shining hope and there is always light at the end of the tunnel and we all will come out of this phase stronger than ever. The nightlife which has been shut down for more than 5 months now, we hope will soon reopen. I feel the struggle and unemployment of every person is real and we need to come out of this. Hope our government helps the event industry to stand up in all ways possible.” With his positive mind set, believes this is testing times and we will all come out of this together fighting it. Every artist and musician needs to support each other at this crucial time and soon all will be back and get those smiling faces and beautiful moments back in all our lives.

DJ Felix has always been positive and his hard work has bought him where he is today. The Kolkata based superstar DJ & Turntablist has won a lot of hearts from across the country to spread positivity during this time when the whole World is going through a rough phase economically as well as mentally.

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