DTM FinTech Ventures plans to transform the financial infrastructure of the country

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu [India] : The FINTEGRATION™ strategy championed by DTM Fintech Ventures is paving the way for the company to become an enabling ecosystem specifically designed to integrate and upgrade the existing financial infrastructure in India by removing the inherent inefficiencies in the system.

DTM aims to not only plug the existing gaps in the financial infrastructure of the country, but also create a system that is able to deliver for the young and aspiring entrepreneurs, the financial institutions, youth looking for the next generation of job opportunities, Governments & agencies alike delivering essential services to the citizens, regulators keen to create an efficient economy, and the leaders who want to create a better tomorrow for all.

DTM Fintech ventures ecosystem is purposely conceived to deliver first world solutions and services to the market. And help build the next generation of financial market ecosystem for an aspiring India of tomorrow. All powered by tested innovative technology and through efficient execution by a group of people with extensive experience in their respective fields.

The FINTEGRATION® strategy helps create new types of liquidity bridge for the larger market participants including of banks that are looking at better compliance and risk assessment regime as well as distribution of risks and better access to efficient capital, the non-banking financial sector interested in accessing alternative capital pools along with efficient syndication and distribution of transactions, entrepreneurs and businesses needing help with right capital support and funding, state governments looking at creative ways to finance infrastructure and essential citizen services, and budding startups as well as VCs that are looking to secure funding for the next big idea.

DTM FinTech Venture is conservatively valuing its entire ecosystem of businesses at $ 250 million, and has received initial funding from its promoters and partners. Also, to become more transparent and efficient, the company has agreed to merge with a publicly listed non-banking financial company in India.

The company is also in talks with local and overseas analysts and research firms to start providing an independent research on the company’s activities.

As a people centric business, the company aims to deliver long term value creation to its shareholders as well as the society at large.

For more information please visit us DTM GLOBAL HOLDINGS  @www.dtmglobalholdings.com.

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