Meet Kotadia, a 23 YO budding Indian entrepreneur based in London has broadened the horizon of international student accommodation services with his company Ocxee Ltd

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Making life hassle-free by providing a one-stop solution in the form of an online platform for students studying abroad.

Surat [Gujarat] :Starting your own business is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows and every turn you take is another twist. The lows are really low, but the highs can be really high. You have to be strong, keep your stomach tight, and ride along with the roller coaster that you started” inspired by this phrase the young entrepreneur from India is looking forward to making life of International students relaxed and easygoing.Crossing all barriers and exploring new horizons, these young entrepreneurs are showing to the world what they are capable of!

Meet one such young entrepreneur. Meet Kotadia, who in his early twenties, launched Ocxee Ltd. in 2018 to provide ‘Post Landing Services’ for international students. He recently completed his Masters from Kingston University in London. Ocxee helps students coming to study abroad with various services like Finding Accommodation, Pick up and drop services, Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Visa Assistance, Education Loan and much more. This makes Ocxee, a one stop solution for the students studying abroad.

When he went to London to pursue his Bachelor’s degree, he faced a lot of problems in the initial years in finding proper accommodation for himself. In fact, he had to pay a huge sum when he finally found one and had to keep on shifting almost every year for 3 years.

About 65% of theinternational students would betravelling to their study destination for the first time. And so, having experienced all these obstacles first-hand, he did not want other students, especially from India to suffer like him. Hence, Kotadia began getting in touch with different agents, tried to convince them to let him act as a middle man while interacting with the students. He got success convincing a few agents initially and while pursuing his Master’s in Real Estate, Meet came up with Ocxee Ltd., to assist students who need to find an accommodation in a foreign land.


As he went deep into it, he found that the student accommodation market is unorganized the world over. Being from a Real Estate business family, he used that experience to create a structured and organized market for student accommodation with the help of strong technological platforms. His first choice was UK, as UK’s student accommodation market is comparatively more organized. With his long-term vision of building his own affordable and sustainable student accommodation, Kotadia registered OCXEE Ltd. in London, UK in 2018.

Kotadia says, “It was not easy to get people on board initially. In my very first meeting with a potential channel partner, I was told, I do not have my guns and ammunition ready, so how will I win the war? What they meant was that, if I did not even have a proper website and branding, how willI be able to convince people. But I was adamant, and the rest is history.”

The concept got popular within a short span of time as Ocxee had 1 million beds across the world. Ocxee was initially set up with the aim of providing accommodation assistance to international students, but with time, he realized the need to provide ancillary services, such as SIM cards, insurance, opening a bank account, creating portfolio for jobs, helping the students with internships, furniture rentals, etc. and hence, all these services were added by Ocxee Ltd. Ocxee aims to give the keys of the house/room to the students in their home country itself before they leave to study abroad, which is a big relief to the parents and students as well. This assures the parents that their children will have a roof over their heads in a foreign land. At present, Ocxee Ltd.has the largest inventory for student accommodation in the UK and aims to be the World No. 1.

Kotadia further added, “soon, as many as 150 services will be provided by Ocxee Ltd.,” which will include Guarantor Services, Tiffin services, Laundry services, Storage Service and many more. Ocxee will soon have representatives across the Globe, majorly in Canada, UK, USA, various European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Asian countries. They also have plans to provide their Study Abroad Partners with Online Education Portals, which will be developed in an easy to use and friendly manner for the students to adapt to the latest in education technology before they actually step into their University abroad.

Milestones Achieved – Since its inception in October 2018, Ocxee Ltd has covered – 130 countries across the Globe in Pick up and Drop Services, Banking Network in 55+ countries which comes to 8000+ Bank tie ups across the Globe and is providing Accommodation services in 165 countries to International Students which is 1.5 million beds across the Globe.

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