Meeting my spirit guide in the Alchemical Hypnosis workshop

Meeting my spirit guide in the Alchemical Hypnosis workshop
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Meeting a Wizard

Social media can be an interesting place where we meet people we have never known or interacted with. This is how I met my new teacher, David Quigley. David was on my Facebook friend’s list and now I don’t even remember when and why I added him. I am glad that he accepted my offer of friendship on Facebook. Though at the time I had no clue about the role he would play in my life, there was however something very interesting about him that made me curious to discover more about David, and his work.

Every time David shared his experiences on social media, it blew my mind. I was awestruck. At the same time to be honest I was little sceptical about such miracles. I had read such stories only in books or watched them in movies.

I am a Certified International Life Coach, an EFT Master Trainer and a practicing Yogi.  I’ve been teaching and training others for a decade. One of my other personal passions is to connect and interview experts from worldwide. This led me to interview this 71-year-old young man, who can dance, climb mountains, and play piano (talents brought forward from past lives). At his age, David’s fitness levels are unmatchable.  Because he was so busy in his work as the Director of the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, it wasn’t easy at first to get his consent for the interview. Finally, I was excited that I got a “Yes” to interview this wizard. The whole experience was an amazing and delightful learning experience. I listened in a childlike wonder.

What is Alchemical Hypnosis

When I Googled to find the definition of “alchemy”, I found scientific and spiritual meanings for this term.

Scientifically, alchemy is “the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.”

Spiritually, alchemy is “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.”

During my school days, we learned poems written by a mystical poet named Yogi Vemanna. At that age, I never knew the meaning of the word Yogi.  In the later part of my twenties, when I started exploring spiritual concepts, I learned that Yogi Vemanna was an Alchemist.

Later, reading Paulo Cohelo’s “The Alchemist” book was also something which strengthened my interests in exploring one’s own alchemy. Ever since then, I have wished that we could find or have some technologies to transform ourselves into gold.  By “gold” I mean spiritual transformation.

Meeting my spirit guide

Finally, the most awaited live online training began. Along with others, I just sat silently in the Alchemical Hypnosis workshop. I was flabbergasted and fascinated to hear all the experiences of my trainer and fellow participants. Each story and testimonials shared was shocking and surprising to me. People curing cancer, healing their severe health issues, how naturally animals are drawn with love to these practitioners, meeting the spirit guides, contacting extra-terrestrials and many more.

I log into class from my location in India. David is live in California so my classes would start at 10:30 pm my time, and end at 6:00 am.  I would sleep in the daytime and stay awake the whole night for the class.

On the very first day of class, I had a strong feeling that someone was sitting beside me and watching over me. At first, it was a scary experience for me. This incident happened twice; both times when I opened my eyes no one would be there, even though I still felt a strong presence. I got scared but somehow, I remembered that my initial thoughts before sleeping were an intention to meet my spirit guides. 

On the second day during the practice session in class, I set an intention to know more about that mystical being at my side. As one of my fellow participants guided me through a beautiful Alchemical Hypnosis process, I encountered my spirit guide!  She is a Goddess and she revealed herself to me. When I asked for a message, she gently whispered, “You are an alchemist”. I couldn’t utter a word and was filled with joy as my practice session ended.

After that second day, another amazing experience occurred. As I sat in meditation after class, I invited my new spirit guide to give me a message.  She said, “Start exploring your inner world.” 

I am very grateful to my trainer, David Quigley and his amazing supporting team of senior hypnotherapists, Alexa LittleStar and Amy Rink, for guiding us throughout the process. The support, guidance, and handholding at every step is unmatchable in this training. Every day was a joy. All the concepts discussed helped us to deepen our knowledge.  The major takeaway for me is that the practice sessions can make this training a once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

I write this at the conclusion of the third day of the Alchemical Hypnosis Practitioner training.  There are 12 more days to go!

As the days unfold, I am curious to know what future beholds for me.

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By Nizamuddin Thonduru, Bangalore, India

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