PingPong Payments Recent Demystifying Cross Border Event in Delhi was a huge success

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After a successful Demystifying Cross Border Event in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Jaipur, PingPong Payments organized an extravaganza event at Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur, Delhi.

Felicitation of PingPong Loyalty program winner Mr Subhash Agarwal, owner of Shubh overseas who won an international vacation to the USA/Europe for his contribution was done during the event.

Ankit Pareek gave a brief overview of PingPong Global Payments and the payment options available to Indian exporters and international merchants. Additionally, he unveiled an offline payment option for B2B exporters of goods and services to clients worldwide.

Mridul Sachdeva of Amazon Global Selling offered a quick overview of the setup, onboarding, and ease of documentation and process flow for Indian MSME. Additionally, he covered “how existing Amazon domestic merchants can easily enable international cross-border selling by replicating their local listings into the worldwide market.”

We were able to better comprehend the function of logistics in the eCommerce process and the simplicity of conducting business on the global market thanks to Abhishek Sharma’s DHL. Additionally, he provided information on the advantages of on-demand delivery, which can result in first-time delivery rates of up to 97 per cent, according to Lesser returns.

Sumedh’s Lucria Consultation For exports to foreign markets, Lucria assists with mandatory and optional compliance, VAT, and international taxes. They talked about intellectual property, the simplicity of setting up an overseas organisation, direct and indirect taxes in global marketplaces, and licences for customised products.

The payment system functions similarly to other banks’ systems, according to Mukesh Kumar Sahu, Country Head (India). We provide our clients and business partners with virtual bank accounts. We can provide our customers with virtual bank accounts thanks to our connections with numerous international organisations. Our PingPong Payments users then connect their neighbourhood banks to the virtual bank accounts we provide. Our clients can make payments in a variety of foreign currencies in addition to Indian rupees. Our entire business is conducted strictly by RBI laws.

PingPong Payments is a virtual payment service provider for all types of worldwide enterprises that offer virtual receiving accounts to their clients. Chetna Sharma, the company’s Head of India Marketing, discussed how PingPong makes doing business internationally and streamlines the payment process. The business develops an ecosystem that acts as a one-stop-shop for international exporters, freelancers, and e-commerce merchants, helping them to strengthen and grow their businesses. They are holding several Leaders and x-scale events across India to inspire the business community.

The San Mateo, California-based unicorn startup, which was founded in 2015, has a $2 billion market value. The services of PingPong Payments are currently offered in more than 43 nations and territories, and the company employs more than 1000 people globally. More than 3 million retailers worldwide currently use PingPong Payments because of its rising popularity.

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