Top Immigration Consultants To Fulfill Your Canadian Dreams

Top Immigration Consultants To Fulfill Your Canadian Dreams
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Canada has ranked as the second-best country in the world in 2020 by a report released in the US news and touted as a number #1 for quality of life. This makes Canada an ideal country to reside in and enjoy world-class amenities. The attributes that contribute to Canada’s highly celebrated quality of life are its political stability, progressive job market, affordability, safety, and family-friendly. Canada is also one of the eight countries that offer equal rights for men and women. This massive northern country with 13 provinces and territories has well-developed public healthcare and education system, which is accessible to all the citizens, permanent residents, and even some visa holders. The inclusive ecosystem of Canada makes it perfect and desirable for immigrants all across the globe.

With Canada being an ideal country to settle in, we all need the right pathway and guidance for a smooth immigration process. Undoubtedly, immigration is an overwhelming process which makes it all the more important to have a professional by your side to help you at every step of the procedure. Here, we are going to highlight all the top-notch immigration consultants who are not only leading in the arena of Canadian immigration but are reliable, qualified, and legitimate.

Canada Visa

Canada Visa is a Campbell Cohen Immigration Law Firm that was started in 1994 and is led by David Cohen. With over 45 years of experience in the immigration law arena, the firm is currently operating with 60 immigration lawyers and paralegals specializing in immigration law. The organization helps immigrants with legal consultation for immigration and non-immigration programs. David Cohen is registered with Barreau du Quebec and is a member of Quebec and Ontario Bar Associations.


Immig Canada is a Montreal, Quebec-based immigration consultancy that is quite known for its reliable Canadian visa services for skilled workers, foreign business clients, families, international students, and visitors. The firm offers professional and legitimate consultancy and only works with registered RCICs. Immig Canada team is not only competent but also each professional is certified from both Federal and Quebec Provincial regulatory councils. Immig Canada is led by Eivy Joy Quito, who is an experienced RCIC with license number R512178. The consultancy is also supported by Arcely  Kerhoven, an RCIC with a license number R706030, who also advises clients with their Canadian immigration applications.


CANADIM is also a Montreal-based Canadian immigration law firm that was started in 2001. Attorney Renaud Dery is the managing partner of CANADIM, and has over 16 years of experience. The firm is known as one of the ‘most respected’ immigration law firms in Canada that have been helping foreign investors, entrepreneurs, foreign students, and individuals who wish to migrate to Canada, temporary or permanently. CANADIM specializes in helping immigrants with Canadian permanent residency, family sponsorship, work permits, business-class immigration, and citizenship applications.

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