Apna Bhada provides 3500 New Cars to the drivers on 0 costs

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Showroom cost of the vehicle will be paid by Apna Bhada while insurance, resignation and other charges only will be paid by the drivers.

Apna Bhada The Free Taxi Service Company going to provide 3500 new cars to the drivers at 0 costs. The Idea Behind this incentive is to introduce maximum numbers of Taxis on the Roads and provide maximum benefits to the Drivers who cannot afford to buy a new car. The Founder and CEO (Apna Bhada) said we have done major research on this problem and that there are many drivers who want to work and earn their living hood but due to lack of finance they can’t afford new cars, on the hand the drivers who have bought new cars on EMI for them it’s gone very tough to pay the EMI and at the same get profit from it. After the research done by Apna Bhada Team, they found there are many Drivers’ who are struggling with paying EMI or are not able to buy cars on EMI. To solve this problem Apna Bhada has taken this initiative to provide drivers with new cars at 0 costs and this initiative is supported by Maruti Ltd. Maruti Ltd going to provide their most popular cars like Wagon R & Ertiga Models to Apna Bhada with an exclusive contract.

Murtuza Ali (Founder & CEO) Apna Bhada said our Target is to introduce maximum numbers of Taxis in the coming few months. Right now by next month, the company is going to provide 2500 News cars to drivers in Delhi NCR and 1000 cars in Bangalore.

After this initiative, the drivers can have their own new cars with non-EMI and can earn their living hood with peace of mind.

This Initiative of the Company can solve many Drivers’ issues and it can build a smooth relationship between the company and drivers.

Murtuza Ali Said that we saw that in pandemic and after pandemic many drivers couldn’t able to pay their EMIs in the results they lost their vehicles and their hard earn money at the same time they got Jobless.  He said we experienced that end of the day only drivers are getting Affected and no one is ready to think about their situation, drivers are the backbone of the mobility industry if drivers are not happy then how can any mobility company can move Father’s,  after looking into the matters we decided to provide new cars to the drivers at 0 costs, The drivers only need to pay the Registration, insurance cost and others charges only, The Showroom cost will be provided by Apna Bhada and Apna Bhada will Pay the drivers Rs.2500 Per Day For 3 years. So that means A driver Can Earn Around 75000 per month, Rs. 9 lacs per year and 27 lacs in three years this is a handsome amount to for the driver to make their life easy.

Apna Bhada expects that this will help many Drivers. And customers can enjoy maximum numbers of free rides in the coming days.

For more details, visit: www.apnabhada.in

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